How to Adopt? A Guide for Adoptive Parents


Please note: Jennie Painter, director of ARCS is no longer operating as a licensee. This page is being revised.

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Open Adoption Specialists

We welcome those that embrace the open adoption concept.  The term, “Open Adoption”, seems to have a multitude of definitions.  This often leads to confusion.  One person’s open adoption may be another person’s semi-closed adoption.  It is important for you to know what you mean by open adoption relationship.  In order to have a clear understanding of your relationship expectations in open adoption, attendance at an ARCS Intake session is a membership requirement.


Joining ARCS 

Step One: ARCS’ Intake Session

ARCS helps adoptive parents understand their open adoption relationship expectations and capabilities. The intake session is mandatory as it ensures that you not only understand open adoption, but understand how ARCS facilitates open adoption relationships. The intake session does not try to convince you of the benefits of open adoption.  Instead, the intake session teaches you how to build and maintain an open adoption relationship with the birthparents and other members of the birth family.  It is a “how to” session..  

After you have registered for the intake session, please send the following documents to ARCS:

1.  Homestudy

2.  Homestudy Update (if applicable)     

3.  Medicals

4.  Police Checks

5.  Child Welfare Checks 

6.  Memorandum of Adoptive Parents (Ministry Document)

7.  Services Agreement- Adoption Practitioner

8.   Adoptive Parent Profile