ARCS’ Philosophy and Beliefs

child on boardwalkARCS Specializes in Open Adoption

Since ARCS is based on the belief that honesty, respect, and trust form the basis of healthy human relationships, most of the adoptions facilitated by ARCS are open. Birth and adoptive parents are encouraged to build a relationship with one another based on their individual relationship style and skills.

Adoption Education is Important

Adoptive parents have opportunities to learn about various aspects of adoption. They are required to take an adoption education program (PRIDE) and complete an assessment of their readiness to become adoptive parents (homestudy). PRIDE and the homestudy process provides adoptive parents with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the complexities of the adoption process and open adoption.

But expectant parents often enter an adoption process with little or no information about adoption. This puts expectant parents at a disadvantage. Before making a commitment to adoption or agreeing to work with a particular adoption licensee, expectant parents should  have a basic understanding of their adoption options.

At ARCS, it is a priority for adoptive parents and birthparents to have an equal understanding of the adoption process.  We do this by educating the birthparents on an individual basis about the following:

Adoption Options

Open Adoption Options

ARCS has created an open adoption information package. This information package contains a DVD on open adoption, various articles on open adoption, an ARCS information booklet and an opportunity to discuss various aspects of adoption with Jennie Painter, the director of ARCS.

When a birthparent has decided to have ARCS facilitate an adoption, ARCS will provide an adoption worker located in or near the birthparent’s area. This adoption worker will continue to provide the birthparent with more information about adoption options and emotional support throughout the adoption process.

Interviewing and Selection Options

Counselling Options

Open adoption is a choice that expectant parents can make – it is your choice and ARCS is here to help you facilitate an open, semi-open or closed adoption.

ARCS' focus is Family Preservation

Extended family relationships in an open adoption are developed so children of adoption will be able to have ongoing relationship opportunities with members of their birth family.

Open adoption is child centered. ARCS' goal is to help your child develop a strong sense of identity. This is often helped by the child having contact with members of his/her birth family. In an open adoption, their questions about you and their family background can be provided to the child on an ongoing basis.