ARCS is a small, personalized, adoption service and has been facilitating open adoptions since 1987.  Karen Roper, the open adoption coordinator, and I work out of my home office, an environment we hope that is relaxed and inviting for our clients.

And what would be a home office without a dog?  Duncan, a Scottish Terrier, is there to greet everyone.

Although ARCS is located in Kingston, Ontario, we work with expectant parents and adoptive parents from all parts of Ontario. How can we do this?

An adoption licensee coordinates all aspects of the adoption.  This kind of work can be done from any location as much of the communication with clients can be done via email, phone and Skype.  However, as it is important to develop a personal relationship with my clients, there are opportunities for us to gather together to plan for the adoption.

This provides adoptive parents with the opportunity to choose to work with a licensee with whom they feel most comfortable.  The licensee can be located any place in Ontario.

Your adoption practitioner, the person who does your homestudy and supervises the adoption placement, needs to be located close to where you live.  Birthparents also need a birthparent counsellor to support them throughout the adoption process.  This person needs to be located in the birthparents’ vicinity. 

ARCS Other Services

Step Parent-Relative Adoption Services

A relative or step parent adoption can be completed directly through an Ontario Family court without the involvement of a private adoption lawyer/licensee or a Children's Aid Society.

However, the legal forms can be confusing.  ARCS offers assistance with completing these adoption forms.

An hourly rate of $250.00 is charged.  The final cost of completing an application to the court for a relative/step parent adoption varies, depending on the complexity of the application.  Expect a fee of $250.00 to $2500.00.

Please contact Jennie E. Painter, MSW, Private adoption licensee, at 613-542-0275 for more information.

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